Meeting in Budapest

The kickoff meeting of the project took place between 11th and 13th October 2013 in Hungary. Participants of the meeting were:

Alain TAMBOUR and Ronan LECHEVALLIER – GIP FCIP de Basse Normandie
David SAUNDERS – Woodnet
Maija VANAGA, Agnese AUGSTKALNA, Arvids VERZA, Maris LIEPA – Riga School of Arts and Crafts
Ramón Francisco Rubio DOMENE, Julio Jimenez GARCIA – Cultural and Educational Intervention Center Doctum
Nicolae LOGHINAS, Gratiela LOGHINAS, Daniela TITOVEANU, Ovidiu TITOVEANU, Axente FODOR, Claudia PIRVU, Andreea DINCOVICI, Alina STATIE – Interactive Education Association
Michela GIOVANNESE, Maria Giovanna ROMANIELLO, Giuseppe COLOPRISCO – Studio Giuseppe Sarubbi
TÓTHFALUSI Gábor and TULOGDY László György – Tektum Architectural Studio
CSÉCSEI Ákos and PALOTÁS Gábor – EK Association as host of kickoff and coordinator of the programme

Agenda of the project meeting:

Photo gallery: